Free Resources for Maths Functional Skills

The Guroo Functional Skills service contains resources for Entry Level, Level 1 and Level 2 mathematics Functional Skills as well as a mathematics Functional Skills Initial Assessment and Diagnostic.

These resources are based around a number of Learning Challenges, each of which is a real-life scenario. These provide contexts for practising Functional Skills in an essential mix of familiar and unfamiliar situations.

In mathematics for example, these include things like getting your car ready for its MOT, arranging a weekend break for a group of friends, organising a football club and working in a florist’s shop.

We offer a simple “try before you buy” process for maths teachers:

Contact us to arrange a time that suits you for an online demonstration.

We can do this in a time slot that suits you – all you need is access to an online computer and a phone. If you want the 15-minute version, we can do that, although 30 minutes or even an hour will allow us to give you a more complete tour.

Time permitting, we’ll show you how to set up and complete an Initial Assessment, look at the Diagnostics reports, and how these link to the Teaching and Learning resources. Then we’ll look at how those Teaching and Learning resources are structured and how they might be used by maths tutors and learners.

Ideally, we will share our screen with you while talking to you on the phone. If there is a technical setting at your end that prevents screen sharing, we’ll simply talk you through the basics while you navigate your way around Guroo.

We can arrange online demonstrations for groups (perhaps to include departments other than mathematics) but it is usually advisable to check the best way to communicate with the group – speakers, microphones, conference phones, etc – in advance.

Following a successful online tour, we can give you sample logins for a tutor and a group of learners that will allow you to explore a little more in your own time – including access to Initial Assessment, Diagnostics, reports, and sample resources in not only maths, but also English and ICT.


There isn’t really a step 3 – except that we will happily answer any questions you have that arise from your own exploration, and can go back to step 1 to go into any aspect of Guroo in more detail.

Ready to arrange an online demo?

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